#35 - What Happens in Summer House - Cristina Gibson

If you’re a Bravo enthusiast, you must already know Summer House! Think Hamptons meet Vanderpump Rules. Except these guys get filmed in their bedrooms too! Insider Cristina Gibson shares her experience being on a reality show, working with Bravo, as well as the ups and downs of public life New York.

About the Episode:

As you may know, Cristina Gibson was part of the Season 1 cast. She left the show on a bitter note, when her friendship with fellow cast member Lindsay Hubbard caused some tension in the house and all throughout the season. Cristina goes into depth about her frustrations with the set up, as well as positive aspects that have come out of being on Reality TV. She opens up about friendship struggles while filming, as well as sharing insights into her lifestyle as an Entertainment Reporter.

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