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Clown Pants Are a THING... Right?

Hello. My name is Diana (pronounced Dee-Anna by the way). And here’s my attempt at amping up the PJs and dropping the Brandi Melville joggers. I didn’t quite make it to a full-blown dress situation but felt I deserved some credit for pushing through following a heavy #Dirty30 weekend... I am also extremely bored with the space being reserved for the so-called ‘connoisseurs’ and the ostentatious shit I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing.

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Styled in A Minute, Glammed in 5…

After a rather CALM hiatus in the village, my psychotic micro-managing friends decided my Instagram feed was in desperate need of some pink content. So I was rushed to change from my PJs to something somewhat Instagram-worthy to attend the Benefit Pop Up Diner, on Melrose. Partly, for my Instagram feed, but also for my own sanity, I decided it was time to kiss the scary face goodbye…

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