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SPF Is Worth More than A Heavy Skincare Routine

I’ve let myself go the last few days...  Shit happens. Falling asleep with your makeup on ISN’T A LOOK. So this #SELFCARESUNDAY is dedicated to @emshem who asked for some more skincare on here 🧖🏼‍♀️ If you have a 6-step routine, you still aren’t getting it... SPF is where it all begins!

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The Glow Skincare Facial

Out of the MANY things that annoy me in life, one of my top 5 has to be the way skin spas charge you your day rate’s worth, followed by an unbearable product push of some of the most confusing things that never fucking work. I’ve posted about the Glow Skincare Cold Rollers before (and trust me, these will actually change your life). But after an incredible experience at the spa, I wanted to give you all a cheeky insight into the process of getting your face manipulated by Kasey Boone at Glow Skincare LA. You will never look back.

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The Chemical Exfoliant You NEED !

One day, I ordered alcohol at a restaurant and wasn't asked for my ID. This shocking slap in the face hurt my ego to the point of turning into a mad scientist. My mission was to invest time and energy into skincare research, and nothing could stop me. My sensitive skin did not agree with

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