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Long Haul Flight Hacks

LONG HAUL FLIGHT ✈️ the jitter prevention hacks 🤯 (I do not intend on being the hunchback of Notre-Dame upon landing 👵🏼… Since the last few months have been heavy in travels, I thought my fellow jet-setters could benefit from a few hacks I picked up along the way. Again, this was micro-blogged on the gram, but I wanted to immortalise some of my best tips on the website too. Because when hot mess Diana nails a situation, a celebration is in order. Let me tell ya.

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The Summer Master List - #Diaries

Swallowing my pride and finally RIDING SOLO for a listener Q&A and summer master list! Find out about all my summer favourites in beauty, fashion, food and fun, as well as some in-depth answers about my dating life and worst moments on the podcast!

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#78 - The Bachelorettes... Out on the Town - #Diaries

With just a few hours before my podcast deadline, I decided to bring to you my partner in crime, my right arm, but also, the person I enjoy winding up the most... ELAINE (Aka Fashionlaine). Because an awkward double-date should never go undocumented. We also get into an intense discussion about a new movie that is definitely going to get added to your ‘must watch’ list: Late Night.

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