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#81 - Not a Brand… It’s a FILTER, Honey… - Brittany Krystle

Breaking down the reasons behind my Instagram hoe tendencies and the difference between a brand and a bitch with a filter with Brittany Krystle. We also update you on TV & reasons why Netflix might be failing… Yup… I said it…

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I'm Bored of Instagram...

I’m bored of Instagram... I’m over the platform, over the forced photos and people pushing products they would never fucking use. Cause NOBODY CARES regardless 👎🏼 I love a self-absorbed and aesthetically-pleasing moment, but even I’m bored of my own shit on here. So let’s acknowledge the people who keep it fresh and bring something new to the table…

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Instagram is Going RETRO!

You may have all observed a new trend dominating the Gram... As we have navigated through life albums of tacky Valencia filters, to perfectly curated feeds, Instagram has now gone retro... The one step tip to embrace the trend: HUJI.

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