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#63 - Be Glam & Give a Damn - Kier Mellour

DISCLAIMER: Get ready for a scandalous episode… From beginning to end. Definitely not suitable for the faint-hearted, and if that’s the case, consider skipping. BUT, for the others, you’re going to want to hear what Kier Mellour (@ecobikinigirl) has to say. For the lazy and uneducated (like myself) - she explains straightforward ways to reduce waste while maintaining her sense of style and enjoying everything a girl wants from life. From the straw craze to menstrual cups, and CARRYING A GUN, we cover it all! Not to mention she’s hilarious and unapologetically herself!

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#40 - The Beautycon Low-down

Lainey and I survive yet, another crazy celeb stalking adventure! The dream team is back reporting live from Beautycon to give you all the inside scoop... And that includes, Kylie Jenner's ex lips, Kim Kardashian's journey towards proper motherhood etiquette and of course, the latest FASHIONABLY LATTE metldown...

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