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How The Apple Watch Changed My Life

You have heard about it. You have seen it. All of your douchey entrepreneur /techy/millennial friends are wearing one. But you have never understood the use for an Apple Watch. And why would you? It’s basically a miniature iPhone on your wrist. Except it is not. And I could stay quiet and enjoy the benefits of my watch to myself, but my Mother Teresa tendencies are kicking in. Maybe LA winter is getting to me after all…

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#62 - Dealing with Cheaters… NEXT! - Gabby Allen

VERY SPECIAL EPISODE all the women out there need to hear! UK reality personality Gabby Allen (‘Love Island’ & ‘Celebrity Big Brother’) discusses life after two massively popular reality shows! We get all the details about the real reasons why she and Marcel broke up (CHEATER ALERT) as well as getting back up and finding love after her traumatic experience. Get ready for some sassy updates and her upcoming fitness book to get you all in fine-ass shape, ladies!

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