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Work From Home: 6 Non-Instagrammable Productivity Tips!

Before I decided to take the most #BASIC plunge of all: create a blog for the podcast, my outlook on digital content and the influencer world was quite bitter as the whole thing does not incite me. I am TIRED of unrelatable and unqualified people portraying this idea of having the answer to everything. NO… The tacky Urban Outfitters wall grid will not make your Pinteresty dreams come to life. The plans you spent hours so tastefully manifesting on that wall will not magically happen.

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Getting Into Hosting: What I Have Learnt...

A couple months ago, I did a Q&A on Instagram as I was getting multiple questions about working as an entertainment reporter. I wanted to share this video (and some extra tips) because it seems to be a topic many of you are curious about. My experiences have allowed me to learn some important lessons about the industry I wish I had known from the start.

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