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The Eye Massager you NEED!

This little tool right there might look like the typical aesthetically-pleasing influencer gimmick that is going to do NOTHING for you. And obviously, it looks like a vibrator too. So you guessed it: it’s so much more than meets the eye. I tested it under the most extremes circumstances and after noticing actual results, I had to spread the word. Because unfortunately, I was not blessed with the gift of looking remotely attractive or even, alive after a long trip.

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#42 - The Only Drama I Enjoy: MY LASHES

Tacky, overdrawn brows and bad contouring were irritating me so much, I took it upon myself to inform, and educate. Celebrity makeup artist Andrew Toma joins me to chat summer makeup trends, skincare, beauty faux-pas and performing a 15-minute glam for the MTV Movie Awards.

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The Chemical Exfoliant You NEED !

One day, I ordered alcohol at a restaurant and wasn't asked for my ID. This shocking slap in the face hurt my ego to the point of turning into a mad scientist. My mission was to invest time and energy into skincare research, and nothing could stop me. My sensitive skin did not agree with

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