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#86 - RHOC Taglines & Train Rumours - #Diaries

Reflecting on the darkness that is #RHOC Season 14: train rumours (and train wrecks), taglines, sucky husbands and many other plot-twists. This episode is filled with valuable tips, reality TV updates, strong opinions and some questionable analogies… Tired lady with a Bravo TV show and a mic is risky business… Let me tell ya…

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#77 - Lisa Vanderpump Cancelled & RHOBH Recap - #Diaries

Joined by entertainment reporter & host Dan Babic to recap one of the most boring episodes on Bravo yet (even after Brandi's unexpected return). Have the housewives lost their mojo? We discuss LVP quitting the show, reunion fashion faux-pas and a candid conversation about sober life, relationships, and the fakeness that is Hollywood.

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#33 - 13 Reasons Why - Anne Winters

If you’re familiar with MY ALL-TIME FAVOURITE SHOW 13 Reasons Why (I am sure you are) – you’re going to want to know all about this week’s guest: Anne Winters! In celebration of Season 2 finally coming out, the new star of the show took part in a '13 Reasons Why' game explaining her whys and why nots.

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