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#65 - So... How Was your Steak and Blowjob Day? - Lindsay Hubbard

Lindsay Hubbard shares all of the insider updates from the 3rd (and latest) season of 'Summer House' on Bravo! From new cast, new boobs, to old relationships, iconic dance moves but also, finding success with a DATING APP - we get REAL DEEP and real personal for you all this week.

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#35 - What Happens in Summer House - Cristina Gibson

If you’re a Bravo enthusiast, you must already know Summer House! Think Hamptons meet Vanderpump Rules. Except these guys get filmed in their bedrooms too! Insider Cristina Gibson shares her experience being on a reality show, working with Bravo, as well as the ups and downs of public life New York.

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#28 - Reporting Live from NoChella - Cristina Gibson

Here is someone who will always be welcome to sit with me. I know... I can't believe the words I am typing. But there is nothing I like more than a Bravo commentary from an ACTUAL cast member, who also happens to be a journalist (and truly *GETS* the struggles). 

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