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ASOS Summer Picks

A number of factors have led to my hatred for summer… From my traumatic past life as a walking surfboard to embarrassing butt jiggle mishaps… I will spare you the many details. Overall, I do NOT enjoy tiny clothing and the excess of skin people think is okay to put on display at all cost. The Butt likes it cosy… The Butt likes it comfy. Due to the number of requests on this specific combination, I wanted to list up all the items for you to purchase and enjoy!

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Styled in A Minute, Glammed in 5…

After a rather CALM hiatus in the village, my psychotic micro-managing friends decided my Instagram feed was in desperate need of some pink content. So I was rushed to change from my PJs to something somewhat Instagram-worthy to attend the Benefit Pop Up Diner, on Melrose. Partly, for my Instagram feed, but also for my own sanity, I decided it was time to kiss the scary face goodbye…

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Fanny On Point

Tap water contains a lot of harmful substances, such as rust, excessive chlorine, and germs. So the function of the kitchen kettle is obvious. Whirlpool water filter kitchen kettle is divided into many kinds. The filter materials and structure of the water bottle are different, and the water purifying effect is different.

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