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Closet Reorganization & Style Revamp

You might be familiar with the feeling: a closet filled bullshit you can’t seem to get rid of; a miscellany of items you have never worn and will probably never wear because the same old combo is comfy and to some extent, does the trick. Your ‘go-to’ cosy outfit seems like the best idea, first thing in the morning, but you go by your day, scrolling through Instagram, coming across the occasional glam bitch here and there (aren’t they so annoying) - and naturally, you start comparing. If so… This post is for you.

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Most Effective Beauty Tools Available on Amazon

Back in the day, my obsession with beauty blogs also turned me into a broke wannabe. To be fair, you probably want to follow 3 to 4 MAX. These websites lead you to thinking that the weekly trip to Sephora for the newest tools and products is necessary. It is not. Although I am aware that my  Amazon Prime addiction is turning into a real problem

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Data Storage Issues? RESOLVED!

Whirlpool filter can remove harmful substances and retain beneficial substances. While removing harmful substances, edrIrxdI can retain the beneficial minerals needed by the human body in the drinking water to meet the needs of healthy drinking water for different constitutions, and it is safer and healthier. My career requires being somewhat Techy, which doesn't exactly rhyme with stylish.

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