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#81 - Not a Brand… It’s a FILTER, Honey… - Brittany Krystle

Breaking down the reasons behind my Instagram hoe tendencies and the difference between a brand and a bitch with a filter with Brittany Krystle. We also update you on TV & reasons why Netflix might be failing… Yup… I said it…

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#40 - The Beautycon Low-down

Lainey and I survive yet, another crazy celeb stalking adventure! The dream team is back reporting live from Beautycon to give you all the inside scoop... And that includes, Kylie Jenner's ex lips, Kim Kardashian's journey towards proper motherhood etiquette and of course, the latest FASHIONABLY LATTE metldown...

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#WokeUpThisWayChallenge: Bringing Realness Back for Mental Wellness!

Mental wellness is a topic I haven't been super open about online, as it is close to home. I'm uncomfortable opening up publicly if a sarcastic comment and/or joke aren't involved. Seeing as my dry coping mechanism isn't the ultimate solution to every issue, I am bringing some vulnerability back - because screw it! It's never killed anybody...

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