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Jenny March’s Lifestyle Tips, Favourites & New Music!

You’re going to want to hear about Jenny March; her fashion, and most importantly, her music. Because her new song ‘Normal In Love’ is probably going to be your ‘go-to’ car Jam, and will speak to SO many of you (AKA me). Plus I know a badass bitch with potential when I see one…

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The Voice Winner Brynn Cartelli Is About to BLOW UP!

Let's be honest... I do not 'cover music' (conventionally). I do not take part in meaningless reviews or express fake compliments about artists that I do not like or admire. The Voice is different to me. After my TV debut (in the form of an embarrassing performance) I now have a deeper understanding of the experience

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#34- Instahusbands and Faux-minism

In a traumatic era of pop culture (with one iconic relationship after the other failing miserably), electro / pop band Violet Days stops by the studio to celebrate the release of latest single 'Just a Little,' and grace us with a hint of hope for love. Lucky for the helpless romantics of the world, the song suggests keeping relationships challenging as the secret to remain successful and exciting. 

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