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#78 - The Bachelorettes... Out on the Town

With just a few hours before my podcast deadline, I decided to bring to you my partner in crime, my right arm, but also, the person I enjoy winding up the most... ELAINE (Aka Fashionlaine). Because an awkward double-date should never go undocumented. We also get into an intense discussion about a new movie that is definitely going to get added to your ‘must watch’ list: Late Night.

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#58 - You Can't Sit with Us - Daniel Franzese (Mean Girls)

"She doesn't even go here..." Ring a bell? 'Mean Girls' legend Daniel Franzese (AKA Damien) can DEFINITELY sit with ME! In this episode, we find out the reasons for his absence on Ariana Grande's "Thank u, Next" video, the story behind his "Yass! You're Amazing!" comedy tour and even, an exclusive peek into his infamous impersonations... Just for us ;)

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