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#77 - Lisa Vanderpump Cancelled & RHOBH Recap - #Diaries

Joined by entertainment reporter & host Dan Babic to recap one of the most boring episodes on Bravo yet (even after Brandi's unexpected return). Have the housewives lost their mojo? We discuss LVP quitting the show, reunion fashion faux-pas and a candid conversation about sober life, relationships, and the fakeness that is Hollywood.

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#74 - Vanderpump Rules Reunion Recap... Gone TWISTED! - Janet Elizabeth

This started as a Vanderpump Rules Reunion recap. Janet Elizabeth (from Scheananigans) and I had all the best intentions to report back... But ended a weird combination of rants, influencer hate, personal fails, deep and darkest secrets, along with a solid amount of rose. All for us to regret and you to enjoy!

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#29 - Last But Not Least - #Reality

The season finale of Vanderpump Rules has me reminiscing back to high school graduation days. Lisa is totally a proud mom sending her kids off to college, except they aren't kids, they are over 30, and most definitely not going anywhere before the new season begins.  Hence why, I'm not stressing about Jax Taylor "quitting," although I do appreciate it for dramatic effect.

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