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Bonus - You Had ONE JOB: Everything About the Latest Kardashian Cheating Scandal!

Breaking down all the Kardashian drama updates with @TheTechWhore, following Jordyn Woods / Tristan Thompson cheating scandal. From our favourite memes to the future Kylie & Jordyn's friendship, here's our theory about the whole situation...

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#40 - The Beautycon Low-down

Lainey and I survive yet, another crazy celeb stalking adventure! The dream team is back reporting live from Beautycon to give you all the inside scoop... And that includes, Kylie Jenner's ex lips, Kim Kardashian's journey towards proper motherhood etiquette and of course, the latest FASHIONABLY LATTE metldown...

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#38 - We're Into Functional Fashion (And why You Should be Too)

Function and fashion are two things I never thought would collide... Until meeting Anne Zanussi: fashion entrepreneur and CEO of Sintillia. Get ready for an informative episode, discussing functional fashion items you NEED ASAP, Kim Kardashian 'cultural appropriation' as well as Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson's express engagement...

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