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#68 - Sitting With the Gossip King - Perez Hilton

I followed his career, (almost) plagiarised his work, and now, I’m sitting down with THE Perez Hilton. Getting deep into the unethical aspect of news reporting, regrets, scandalous celeb encounters, the evolution of blogging and obviously, best lifestyle hacks… Because my Amazon cart wasn’t exploding already!

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Best Photo Editing Apps for Instagram

For once in my life, I am opening up about the fakeness of my Instagram photos on a deeper level... Although I am aware this post will officially turn me into the most un-relatable person in the world, I will take the plunge for the good of the universe. Today, I am giving the gift of aesthetic. And in case you didn't completely hate me by this point, trust me when I say, I hate myself more. Happy editing... instawhores!

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#32 - Love And Loathing LA - Caroline Juen

After shamefully sliding into her DMs, I finally got the chance to welcome favourite lifestyle blogger Caroline Juen from the Love & Loathing LA Blog on the show. You're in for an 'Anti-Basic Bitch' guide to enjoying LA. Because if anybody understands the struggle, it's most definitely Caroline. Get ready to live your best Hollywood life, people...

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