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#86 - RHOC Taglines & Train Rumours - #Diaries

Reflecting on the darkness that is #RHOC Season 14: train rumours (and train wrecks), taglines, sucky husbands and many other plot-twists. This episode is filled with valuable tips, reality TV updates, strong opinions and some questionable analogies… Tired lady with a Bravo TV show and a mic is risky business… Let me tell ya…

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#85 - Going with a BANG - Billie Lee (Vanderpump Rules)

Sitting with trans activist & reality TV sensation Billie Lee (Vanderpump Rules). Casually joined by friend Tali, we discuss her reasons for leaving the show, bullying, basic bitches, SUR drama, some in-depth questions about the transgender community and dating struggles.

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#65 - So... How Was your Steak and Blowjob Day? - Lindsay Hubbard

Lindsay Hubbard shares all of the insider updates from the 3rd (and latest) season of 'Summer House' on Bravo! From new cast, new boobs, to old relationships, iconic dance moves but also, finding success with a DATING APP - we get REAL DEEP and real personal for you all this week.

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