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#59 - We Spilled ALL The Tea - Adam Spott

My nosey-self had to get to the bottom of the enigma of a relationship that is Adam and Scheana! Friends? Couple? Fuck buddies? Who knows at this point... From intrusive relationship questions to personal anecdotes, this episode gets dark and twisted when Adam forces ME to spill all of my tea. You’re in for a treat ;)

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#30 - Spott Me a Gram - With Adam Spott

Adam Spott is in the middle of QUITE some drama on the Vanderpump Rules final episodes. The show hasn't fully done him justice yet; as he often comes across quiet and basic. I am guilty of referring to him as 'Charisma of an Oyster' , but the 'nouveau' pretty boy had the decency and sense of humour to come on the show and prove me wrong.

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