Styling VISORS !?

I have spoken about it briefly on the podcast, but now that they have launched, I wanted to give you  a full update on the @Sintillia fashion visors! Don't they look so stylish? You may be skeptical, but I am fully committed to changing your mind about these. Trust me, I was funny about them too, at first. In recent months, I have been looking for alternatives to overcompensating skin issues with makeup. IT DOES NOT WORK. Since I now am on-camera more hours than I sleep, the layers of makeup are no longer a viable option; it is a vicious circle that makes everything worse. Rather than complain about annoying and unrelatable first world problems, I have dedicated some time to finding hacks and tools to look after my skin.

Why Wear A Visor?

Sometimes, skincare and anti-ageing are as easy as wearing a fashion accessory. SURPRISE! It doesn't necessarily involve surgery, expensive creams and NEEDLES. Visors have become a 'must have' fashion item because Functional Fashion isn't just a trend, it's now a movement. Today's working girls no longer have the time or luxury for uncomfortable outfits and painful shoes. If a glorified laptop backpack or Gucci fanny pack are now normalised, wouldn't it make sense to wear something that would benefit your SKIN? You only get one after all...

My suggestion: get over being basic, and embrace the nerdy accessories that will make you become the efficient, beautiful, and wrinkle-free version of yourself. And you know what? They look badass. See below :)

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