Best Photo Editing Apps for Instagram

For once in my life, I am opening up about the fakeness of my Instagram photos on a deeper level... Although I am aware this post will officially turn me into the most un-relatable person in the world, I will take the plunge for the good of the universe. Today, I am giving the gift of aesthetic. And in case you didn't completely hate me by this point, trust me when I say, I hate myself more. Happy editing... instawhores!  


I owe it to myself (and dear listeners) to be honest here. Blemishes, imperfections, eyes and teeth all get touched up on Facetune, when necessary and in moderation. But most important, it is the best tool to maintain a cohesive feed. I use this app to alter background colours, as shown in the image above. By selecting the 'tones' tool, you can alter any color and basically, paint over it. This is the way to brighten dark and moody backdrops in Diana pastel pink fashion.


If liking a photo of yourself wasn't hard enough, worrying about quality and lighting becomes anxiety. There is only so much an app can do to improve quality, but if sadly, you were gifted with the kind of patience required for this, Snapseed will become your new weapon. Lighting, shadows, colors can all be altered with a variety of tools, my favorite being the 'selective' option, allowing you to select specific areas to work on.


Now here's one that will make your photos pop! You can finally add some bling to your images, in photo or video form (with sparkling motion). KiraKira+ won't change the nature of your iPhotos like a filter would, but it is just so worth it, especially when featuring jewelry or glasses.


I am not blind: the edgy Hadid-inspired moody photos have invaded the gram. And although my pride has kept me from caving in, Huji has been my filter of choice for stories. As illustrated, Huji is a tiny little lens giving your photos a grainy 90s disposable camera edge. This is the app the cool kids are using: the fun filters and light leaks will stylize even the barest of faces or basic attire.


This is where the fakeness reaches it's peak. With Color Story, I am able to create color fogs on white or duller photos. Most commonly, I favor the confetti tool, for sparkles and fun. Confettis come in all shapes and colors so they are definitely fun to play around with. Below is an example of color fog mixed with some different confetti patterns.

To conclude, I would like to remind everyone that I do have a life... I am fully aware that this display of editing knowledge may look suspicious to some of you, and that's fair. However, I am also a believer of not overthinking a photo and partaking in such activities in a fun and lighthearted way. JK... I have daily meltdowns over this and we all know it. Enjoy!