#34- Instahusbands and Faux-minism

In a traumatic era of pop culture (with one iconic relationship after the other failing miserably), electro / pop band Violet Days stops by the studio to celebrate the release of latest single 'Just a Little,' and grace us with a hint of hope for love. Lucky for the helpless romantics of the world, the song suggests keeping relationships challenging as the secret to remain successful and exciting. Previously featured as writers on 'Paris' by the Chainsmokers, the Swedish songwriting powercouple are taking their career to the next level with a project of their own, communicating a raw message married with the magic of synthpop.

The episode is obviously followed by a traditional Pop Culture Rundown; covering Taylor Swift's struggles to own her dirty drops and commercial material, as well as Ariana Grande's most recent breakup and 'faux-ministic' tweets...

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