#28 - Reporting Live from NoChella - Cristina Gibson

Here is someone who will always be welcome to sit with me! I know... I can't believe the words I am typing. But there is nothing I like more than a Bravo commentary from an ACTUAL cast member, who also happens to be a journalist (and truly *GETS* the struggles). This week's episode covers the #Nochella life and reasons it should never be okay to be a 'pretend music connoisseur' for social media content.

Cristina is the proof I'm not a 100% complainer, as we get into details about entertainment reporting struggles most are too afraid to admit out loud. We also get the inside scoop on Beyonce's Coachella makeup look…

Also... If you're expecting some Summer House juice, you're going to have to wait for part 2 of the interview... COMING SOON!