#29 - Last But Not Least - #Reality

The season finale of Vanderpump Rules has me reminiscing back to high school graduation days. Lisa is totally a proud mom sending her kids off to college, except they aren't kids, they are over 30, and most definitely not going anywhere before the new season begins.  Hence why, I'm not stressing about Jax Taylor "quitting," although I do appreciate it for dramatic effect. We KNOW the drill when it comes to his and Brittany's relationship. Break up to MAKE UP PEOPLE! That is unless she ends up with the guy she met at In-n-out Burger, (and whom I am totally rooting for by the way)!

One person, however, I am definitely NOT rooting for: Patrick. How many times will he need to comment on the Queen B's booty to realise it is neither funny nor acceptable? Side note, was James extra hilarious this episode or is it just me? TUNE IN!