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#37 - How Much of a Wellness Hoe Are You?

As an avid Angelino and lifestyle connoisseur, my Wellness Hoe impulses were put to the test. Fellow podcaster Craig MacNeil (Pumprules Podcast) joins me for a 'How Much of a Wellness Hoe Are You' quiz, discussing weird snacks, hypocritical tendencies and overall wellness hoe behaviour.

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The Voice Winner Brynn Cartelli Is About to BLOW UP!

Let's be honest... I do not 'cover music' (conventionally). I do not take part in meaningless reviews or express fake compliments about artists that I do not like or admire. The Voice is different to me. After my TV debut (in the form of an embarrassing performance) I now have a deeper understanding of the experience

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#28 - Reporting Live from NoChella - Cristina Gibson

Here is someone who will always be welcome to sit with me. I know... I can't believe the words I am typing. But there is nothing I like more than a Bravo commentary from an ACTUAL cast member, who also happens to be a journalist (and truly *GETS* the struggles). 

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