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Let's Be Honest For a Sec...

LET’S BE HONEST FOR A SEC 👀 …Last month kinda sucked. I picked travels over my health, fun over productivity, and compulsive shopping over finances ❌🤯 But hey... I’m bringing #MotherTeresa back with a cheeky list for my fellow hot messes out there…

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The Anti Jet-Lag Skin

What is thirstier than a desperate, jet-lagged and sleep-deprived 30 year old on the move? 🥶 Her skin 🧖🏼‍♀️ And fake ass weave 💆🏼‍♀️… I microblogged this on Instagram but had to write a quick post on here for you because this weekend, I travelled to London and did not get a minute of sleep on the flight. I landed and got on with my day denying the exhaustion, hamster cheeks, grey complexion and panda eyes. Despite feeling like an absolute bag of shit, the beauty situation wasn’t going to fly for my weekend of celebrations.

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The Village Diaries

If you’re a listener/reader, you’ve all heard about it, but probably still very confused: The Village. It basically explains the somewhat confusing accent that is English, but not really... Because I am also Swiss. So The Village is actually a derogatory term used by my friend @iamfashionlaine to describe the lovely ski resort that is Crans-Montana, I am NOT ACTUALLY FROM, but have been going to since a very VERY young age. Consider me the Millennial Heidi... I basically grew up on skis, my friends…

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