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Splendid X Gray Malin

In my thirsty and desperate quest to somehow, become socially accepted within the fashion community, I feel I am now, one step closer to getting my LEWKS picked out for me. The strategy behind this diabolical plan: get sent the latest and newest items already styled to conceal my lack of taste and motivation to put an outfit together. Excuse my transparency on the matter. I can wear stuff, I’ll own them, but I sure as hell can’t style them. Period.

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#40 - The Beautycon Low-down

Lainey and I survive yet, another crazy celeb stalking adventure! The dream team is back reporting live from Beautycon to give you all the inside scoop... And that includes, Kylie Jenner's ex lips, Kim Kardashian's journey towards proper motherhood etiquette and of course, the latest FASHIONABLY LATTE metldown...

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#26 - Nobody Cares... Bus Us - Fashionlaine

Diana & Lainey are back for another crazy celeb-stalking adventure. Recorded in the car on the way back from a Target X Hunter music event, the two have a meltdown over Charlie Puth's questionable fashion choices and douchey 'between songs' skills.

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