The Voice Winner Brynn Cartelli Is About to BLOW UP!

Let's be honest... I do not 'cover music' (conventionally). I do not take part in meaningless reviews or express fake compliments about artists that I do not like or admire. The Voice is different to me. After my TV debut (in the form of an embarrassing performance) I now have a deeper understanding of the experience, as talent but also, a fangirl covering the Red Carpet weekly. Learning about incredible voices in America is one of the things I will always love about entertainment. And Brynn Cartelli is no exception!

The Voice... Who is Brynn Cartelli?

Despite many previous The Voice winners (13 to be exact), Brynn Cartelli  (Massachusetts) was an undeniable standout. The USA Field Hockey member joined the competition as part of Team Kelly. Brynn is the youngest winner in The Voice history, and her unique vocal signature makes her age hard to believe. As I am currently indulging in a can of Rose wondering where my youth as gone, I'm writing this post with her videos on replay; Brynn's talent and genuine love for music transfer into each  performance.

She Isn't Just The Voice!

After chatting with Brynn following her victory, it was hard to ignore the excitement of a 15-year-old girl that was combined with her mature artistic choices: 'I was so overwhelmed and surprised with the results... I did not expect to win at all!' To my own surprise, Brynn isn't so eager to pursue Pop Music as she is 'more of a Soul person.' Her single 'Walk My Way' has already made it to the Top 10 iTunes Charts! And finally, when asked about her most valuable lesson learnt on the show, the young artist shares: 'I would like to be as kind as Kelly is. She always treats everyone like they are the most important person in the world and shows respect to every person she talks to. She really is one of the nicest people I have ever met.'

Listen to 'Walk My Way' !!