Why I'm Into Facial Cupping

Honestly speaking, I do not understand where this post is coming from… I hate being a preacher, and even worse, an influencer. But one thing I do enjoy is indulging in some self care. So naturally, The Modern Day Mother Teresa felt compelled to bless you with the gift or wrinkle-free, plump skin.

Face cupping is a method that uses suction to increase blood circulation and stimulate muscles. The small cups pull the skin away from deeper layers of the face. In doing so, it creates more room for fresh blood to expand, promoting new blood vessel formation. It’s so easy: apply oil all over your face to facilitate glide, then squeeze the cup once in contact with your skin to create suction. Using massage strokes from the center of the face outwards, keep the cup moving at all times to avoid bruising and skin reactions.

Why I’m Into It - And You Should Be Too!

  • Cost Effective

Face cupping isn’t a treatment that requires or best achieved by a professional. In fact, with the correct guidelines, personal use is recommended. Not to mention the product itself is so inexpensive ($29.95) !!

  • instant results

After facial cupping, you can expect a significant decrease in puffiness. I have personally experienced more definition and a light contoured effect around the cheeks. Fine lines will be visibly reduced and the overall result will resemble a post-workout glow! Who wouldn’t want the skin benefits of a workout sesh while comfortably sitting on your couch? (Or maybe that’s just me and my lazy ass).

  • The set is portable

Unlike most beauty tools, this doesn’t require a charger, batteries, electricity and is easily stored in your travel makeup bag.


Too much facial cupping can over stimulate the skin. Ultra sensitive skin types should use lightly and in moderation. Too much suction can break the collagen fibers in the skin.

But Now!

But Now!