London Beauty & Wellness Guide


So many things I love to do every-time I come to London (or most times)… Can’t always swing it, you know? From beauty, wellness, food, and believe it or not, fitness… I tried to curate my all-time favourites in a microblog for you all to enjoy. So let’s discuss… 🗣

🇬🇧 @vixenandblush - yes friends… My hair is still fake and if it doesn’t look it. They’re the reason why.

🇬🇧 @glowbarldn - ancient healing methods, adaptogens, moon milks, infrared saunas and all the good stuff… It’s a vibe (I hate the word vibe tho so forgive me).

🇬🇧 @theofficialselfridges - no other place in the world I like to shop. Their beauty department curates the best and newest, rather than boring, generic brands.

🇬🇧 @facegym - you don’t always need a facial. Sometimes, the jet-lagged puffy face needs a good workout to increase blood circulation. Goes a LONG way, let me tell ya…

🇬🇧 San Carlo Cicchetti - tasty authentic Italian cuisine in small portions to share (or to have yourself if like me, you are incapable of making decisions).

🇬🇧 @drybylondon -  the best and most aesthetically-pleasing manicures. IG speaks for itself.

🇬🇧 @the_landmark_london - for afternoon tea in their beautiful winter garden. London gets gloomy and dull so this will lighten up the mood.