Long Haul Flight Hacks


LONG HAUL FLIGHT ✈️ the jitter prevention hacks 🤯 (I do not intend on being the hunchback of Notre-Dame upon landing 👵🏼…

It’s no secret the podcast and website have both gone a little stale recently. I’ve been focusing on a lot of freelance projects, more so than my reporting and red carpet work because let’s be real here… Becoming a red carpet hoe isn’t my life goal. So apologies for this momentary neglect. Since the last few months have been heavy in travels, I thought my fellow jet-setters could benefit from a few hacks I picked up along the way. Again, this was micro-blogged on the gram, but I wanted to immortalise some of my best tips on the website too. Because when hot mess Diana nails a situation, a celebration is in order. Let me tell ya.

It’s Easy… 4 Steps!

🧠 a 30-minute@pvolveworkout followed by a refreshing shower 🧼

🧠 the@mujiusa travel pillow ⚡️ can be used as a neck pillow or for your lower back! It’s soft and will adapt to the position that makes you most comfortable 💁🏼‍♀️

🧠 pink jade roller and gua sha for the panda eyes and puffiness. I got an event to attend to when I get back my friends 💎

🧠@honest_beautyelevated hydration mist 💦

⁉️ helpful? I take my non-profit work very seriously....


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