I'm Bored of Instagram...


I’m bored of Instagram... I’m over the platform, over the forced photos and people pushing products they would never fucking use. Cause NOBODY CARES regardless 👎🏼 I love a self-absorbed and aesthetically-pleasing moment, but even I’m bored of my own shit on here. So let’s acknowledge the people who keep it fresh and bring something new to the table:

⚡️@iamfashionlaine- so much more than meets the eye! Lainey isn’t an ‘influencer,’ she’s a fucking artist and motivational speaker. She creates visual campaigns along with using her platform to help others and promoting her non-profit work.

⚡️@thetechwhore- uses his platform to help others make the best decisions when investing in their tech devices. That stuff is getting more and more pricey so you wanna make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into.

⚡️@ecobikinigirl- glam and gives a damn! Proof you don’t have to be a dirty slob to promote an eco lifestyle 👹

⚡️@brettken13- TALENT! And finally a guy who understands people in the digital sphere need to stop taking themselves so seriously. He’s so fucking funny and will be on the podcast soon!

⚡️@brittanykrystle- she takes a hot ass photo but provides value in every single post. Helping you elevate your personal brand through different mediums ✨

⚡️@justauniform- QUALITY over quantity! I mean come on... This lady gets it! Understands the value of micro-influencers and community.

⚡️@beingbernz- I pretty much unfollowed every memes / quotes account because of the lack of original content and getting the same bloody quotes appearing on my feed. She’s funny. She’s witty. She’s relatable. And her stuff is original. Period.

⚡️@publyssity- also unfollowed many fashion / lifestyle influencers because of the lack of substance. Not this girl! From the looks, the stories to the podcast... 💯

⚡️@kifftv- The media industry is dying and we all know it 😵 This is what news segments should look like. Short, to the point with the right amount of opinions and humour!

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And because this would not be a Diana rant without some form of hypocrisy, I will carry on posting outfits and things I truly love. Despite some frustrations with the community nowadays, there are parts about it I do love and those will be displayed in THE MOST self-absorbed way possible… OFC.