The Eye Massager you NEED!


This little tool right there might look like the typical aesthetically-pleasing influencer gimmick that is going to do NOTHING for you. And obviously, it looks like a vibrator too. So you guessed it: it’s so much more than meets the eye. I tested it under the most extremes circumstances and after noticing actual results, I had to spread the word. Because unfortunately, I was not blessed with the gift of looking remotely attractive or even, alive after a long trip.

Unlike most content creators out there, jet-setting around in their annoyingly glamorous outfits and permanent glam, it actually takes a village for me to come back to life. Even the most drastic of Snapchat filters failed to salvage the troll face for social content. When all else fails, there is always Amazon. And you know I’ll always find the solution to any problem on there…


So here’s the deal about this cute (and rather sexual-looking device)… The Foreo Iris Eye Massager was specifically designed to recreate the effects of lymphatic drainage (which we all know, is the best and most anti-ageing /de-puffing massage out there). The Benefits: 43% effectiveness with crow’s feet reduction, 70% minimisation of dark circles and 3.5 times more effectual at diminishing the appearance of eye-bags. A little bonus to bear in mind: it will also improve the absorption of your current eye-cream or serum! It includes 2 massage options: the first one targeting more pronounced signs of ageing, and the second being more suited for younger skin as prevention.

Because I am just way too impatient for long-term effects, I would never dream of investing in a device that wasn’t going to perform immediately. I used it every single morning and evening during a heavy month of travelling and long-haul flights. I can honestly say that the exhaustion, sleep-deprivation and jet-lag were completely internalised. It improved my under-eye circulation and diminished my panda eyes more than any cream of facial would have.

I am a firm believer in living a phony glamorous life. I felt like shit, but had everyone else fooled!

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