Closet Reorganization & Style Revamp


You might be familiar with the feeling: a closet filled bullshit you can’t seem to get rid of; a miscellany of items you have never worn and will probably never wear because the same old combo is comfy and to some extent, does the trick. Your ‘go-to’ cosy outfit seems like the best idea, first thing in the morning, but you go by your day, scrolling through Instagram, coming across the occasional glam bitch here and there (aren’t they so annoying) - and naturally, you start comparing. If so… This post is for you.

I was actually dreading writing this because again, the influencer space is boring me, and the thought of promoting anything to my audience makes me cringe. Don’t you all know by now: a ‘sexy’ photo with a whitening kit will never give you the Hollywood smile you have always dreamed of… Also, seeing a perfectly curated fashion shoot on social media (and clicking ‘buy’) isn’t going to amp up your wardrobe. PERIOD.

That said, you may have noticed a style evolution on my end the last couple weeks and believe it or not, it took a freaking village. After HUNDREDS of dollars wasted due to social media enabling, I realised the PJ issue I was constantly faced with was going to take actual work. Because let’s not lie, that stuff doesn’t fly in your 30s, especially when trying to be taken seriously in a professional environment. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still wear my jammies and live in them most days, but dressing myself and putting looks together when necessary is no longer an issue or cause for anxiety. I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish any of this without closet organiser & stylist Closet Courtesy. So let me walk you through the process for a bit… You’ll never look back!

  1. The Cleanup


Gabrielle (from Closet Courtesy) and I spent HOURS on skype going through each and every item I owned: from clothes, to shoes and accessories. This helped her understand where I was going wrong, the reasons I was gravitating towards certain items repeatedly, failing to incorporate them in my daily style. Without getting into too much specifics, a fashion statement still requires some consistency with the rest of your wardrobe. This is what we worked on throughout the process.

Gabrielle went full-blown Marie Kondo on my ass and made me remove every single thing I owned onto my bed. She evaluated the quality and amount of items, and helped me differentiate the good, the useless, the ugly and what I was emotionally attached to, but that had no business being in my house.

2. The Clear Up


Things got difficult. As I was getting rid of things I had poured my heart and soul into selecting (and still, was not wearing) she taught me some organisation methods: picking better storage items such as hangers, hanging shelves - all super easy and affordable. Gabrielle is also great at styling. She has an eye for fashion and mastered the skill of determining what belongs in the trash, acknowledging the things I wasn’t willing to give up on, as well as suggesting potential pairings including things I already had. The goal clearly wasn’t to go on a massive shopping spree… Sadly…

3. The Wishlists


Definitely the funnest part of the process: personal shopping made cost-effective. I was sent a BUNCH of lists from different online stores. All things that, according to Gabrielle, were missing and that would ease my decision fatigue. She also made sure to update me on current trends with some staples such as handbags, sunglasses, to be paired with more basic and affordable pieces. Styling a person is one thing, but this gal strategised my entire decision process to make sure I could, not only, afford everything she recommended, but also, move along and dress MYSELF.

4. Styling


We began the styling process with things I already had (as shown in the picture above). I was also suggested a cheeky haircut along the way because the ratchet weave wasn’t the moment I thought it was… WHOOPS.

Below are some accessories And more premium Pieces judged NECESSARY:

6. Results

As of recently, I enjoy dressing myself. It has become a fun activity. Picking an outfit is no longer a chore, but rather, a way to express myself as well as feeling comfortable and confident. With the right items, and the right amount, a capsule wardrobe can go a very long way. With all the insecurities that come with being a woman in 2019, an outside perspective can be the best decision you make to feel like worthy of your clothes and showcasing your personality through your fashion. I am truly grateful to have Gabrielle on my side and will continue to work with her for the seasons to come. We all need a little encouragement to get our shit together sometimes.

Some Looks Created by Closet Courtesy:

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