Splendid X Gray Malin


In my thirsty and desperate quest to somehow, become socially accepted within the fashion community, I feel I am now, one step closer to getting my LEWKS picked out for me. The strategy behind this diabolical plan: get sent the latest and newest items already styled to conceal my lack of taste and motivation to put an outfit together. Excuse my transparency on the matter. I can wear stuff, I’ll own them, but I sure as hell can’t style them. Period.

I also would like to address that I am one to flake on a lot of events because they truly make me feel shitty about myself, my life, my appearance and my lack of ‘bloggery manners’. Being incapable of small and filtered talk, I find it impossible to connect with people when the conversation is always interrupted by the next, more famous person to go speak to and the lack of focus due to the strategic and social-climbing wondering eye. Sorry, I can’t.

That said, when an event is so beautifully planned and set up for a good time, I’m going to take part in every single instagrammable activity there is. Firstly, shout out to Splendid for hooking me up with their newest tee from their Grey Malin collection. Not only did it make my day a whole lot easier (very minimum styling necessary here), it also restored my faith in the fashion industry. A collaboration with a fine art photographer is a concept I was 100% down for, not to mention the event was gorgeous, tasteful, and inclusive. We drank champagne and stuffed mini burgers right by the beach at the Santa Monica Pier. The event was created to reflect the SoCal vacation experience we all love, but sometimes, take for granted here in LA.

Get the Look HERE