Clown Pants Are a THING... Right?


Hello. My name is Diana (pronounced Dee-Anna by the way). And here’s my attempt at amping up the PJs and dropping the Brandi Melville joggers. I didn’t quite make it to a full-blown dress situation but felt I deserved some credit for pushing through following a heavy #Dirty30 weekend... I am also extremely bored with the space being reserved for the so-called ‘connoisseurs’ and the ostentatious shit I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing.

I was honestly proud of the effort, the colour coordination, the accessories, and remaining my true casual-self in the process. Until some asshole in my building had the nerve to ask if I was on my way to a workout class. Here I thought I had finally made a statement… Clearly, I am doomed for style retardation. Miraculously, I managed to keep cool, calm, collected and rational, but who would I be if I didn’t have some form of outlet to release all of this frustration? So rather than incoherently guiding you through what to buy, who to wear, and how to be the most fabulous person on the internet, I will put my ego aside and humbly ask: are the puffy sleeves and stiletto heels necessary if you are vain enough to publicise your life in the form of tacky #influencer-styled photoshoots?

Your thoughts are welcome.