How The Apple Watch Changed My Life

Apple Watch 2.jpg

You have heard about it. You have seen it. All of your douchey entrepreneur /techy/millennial friends are wearing one. But you have never understood the use for an Apple Watch. And why would you? It’s basically a miniature iPhone on your wrist. Except it is not. And I could stay quiet and enjoy the benefits of my watch to myself, but my Mother Teresa tendencies are kicking in. Maybe LA winter is getting to me after all…

It Will Change Your Life Too

  • Voice Control:

    Whether it be Siri or Alexa, who the hell would be up for a creepy robot to spy on you? ME. Because if it’s right there on my wrist for me to boss around, I’m all about it. No matter where your phone is, your watch will always be there. And it can help you find your most precious device in moments you have misplaced it too.

  • Voice Texting:

    You may think you had experienced the real deal with iPhone voice texting. But that technology is nowhere near as advanced as Apple Watch voice texting. It will adapt to your speech, making it a piece of cake to send texts in the fastest way, effortlessly. We all have that annoying friend: sending you 3874283764 messages in a row about a so-called ‘emergency’. Being able to command this entire process from your wrist by talking to your watch is the ONLY way to maintaining your sanity (and preventing murder).

  • Fitness Tracking:

    You can now track every single move of yours, thanks to its GPS and heart-rate monitor. Whether it be walking, running, or exercising, the Apple Watch will remind you when the time comes to get your ass up, go for a walk, or breathe for some relaxation. The sharing option keeps your selected friends in the loop. Basically, you won’t ever need the patronising personal trainer to make you feel shitty about yourself. Fitness has now become a game, and I’m always down to play.

  • Remote Control:

    It will allow you to control your Apple TV. Between my reality TV binging and snack breaks, there is nothing I despise more than missing out on the best scenes to find the remote control. So despite the encouraged fitness routine and its benefits, you only get up when YOU WANT TO, and not in your desperate quest to locate the remote. It can control just about anything in your home such as lights, blinds, fan and more.

  • Apple Pay:

    And for the shopping enthusiasts (AKA me) - gone are the days of looking for your purse or phone to pay when you’re already carrying a shit ton of bags. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE ME the thought of handsome man helping with my bags. But let’s be real, he would need to shut it and just look nice (so be a martian, basically). I like to take my time. So the pressure of having someone impatiently looking over my shoulder is the last thing I need. I can handle it all myself effortlessly, and I feel good about it.

It’s 2019. I’m all about bettering myself and becoming that unrelatable bitch we all hate. So here’s what I will say: the Apple Watch is for the person wanting to spend less time on their phone, but getting all of its benefits, being out and about. In other words: for the busy gal doing her makeup for an event, responding to 100 e-mails simultaneously. It’s time to live a smarter life, my friends…