Utility Jacket: It’s Cute, Cosy, Multi-Purpose and Affordable!


As a self-proclaimed ‘homeless-chic,’ it has now become my duty to come to your rescue if like me, dressing up feels like as much effort as running a bloody marathon. My own mother has been praying for my legging days to be gone since middle school, but sadly, that never happened. Hence my decision to embrace my lack of style and amp it up with accessories.

I am well aware the ‘style’ section of my website is the most hypocritical piece of content I could ever create. As an ever-struggling fashionista, sharing my journey towards the perfect #OOTD could maybe help you (or myself) in feeling less alone.

Since the leather jacket is cheesy and completely outdated, my efforts to mimic Hailey Bieber’s wardrobe (on a reporter’s salary) resulted in the purchase of a Utility Jacket. That exact one is now sold out, but I found a great alternative for you from the same store. It honestly does it all for me: dressing up my signature legging / crop-top combo, to dressing down a little black dress for a more effortless look. Trying too hard is lame… The accessories overflow, layered necklaces and weird patterns popping up on my feed are getting sickening, as they completely unrealistic and impractical.

So there you have it. A ‘style’ tip of mine. Throw on a jacket. Get your layers right, and you will get away with wearing WHATEVER THE HELL YOU WANT.

Forever 21 Utility Jacket