The Village Diaries


If you’re a listener/reader, you’ve all heard about it, but probably still very confused: The Village. It explains the somewhat confusing accent that is English, but not really... Because I am also Swiss. So The Village is a derogatory term used by my friend @iamfashionlaine to describe the lovely ski resort that is Crans-Montana, I am NOT ACTUALLY FROM, but have been going to since a very VERY young age. Consider me the Millennial Heidi... I basically grew up on skis, my friends…


So What Does A Village Person Actually DO?


Well, We Ski… Of Course

This isn’t your typical ski holiday. Us ‘locals’ are basically all pros. Except for me. I am an insult to the Swiss population. My Dad likes going on crazy off-piste adventures and risk all of our lives, but always in the most stylish of ski gears. Because we don’t settle for less.


Oh… And we Drink too!

But not just alcohol (because that’s the least decadent drink on the menu)… Boulangerie Taillens offers an epic speciality of theirs: The Chocolat Maison. Not your typical powder mix…This is real melted chocolate with a chocolate spoon to stir it, which will then dissolve into the mix - because nothing is ever enough for us Swiss people.


With Every Workout Comes a Food Baby!

We counteract or slope workout with a Raclette: melted cheese served with potatoes FYI. No healthy salad or bougie matcha drink would make a ski day worthy of its name.

The best traditional (non-commercial) Raclettes on the slopes: Chez Erwin!


Mountain Spas are The SHIT!

As I said, nothing is ever enough for us Swissies. So if a vacation in the Alps was not the most relaxing plan you ever had, why not add a spa day to the list?

Luckily, Village people aren’t just milking cows and creating the most delicious hand-made chocolate. We also offer some very ‘chic’ and refined activities for the bougier ones out there. Like ‘Spa Cinq Mondes’ at Hotel Le Crans Montana. My miserable little blog article cannot even do it justice. YOU MUST GO!


I will spare you the shopping evidence in the hope of remaining somewhat relatable. As per usual, I couldn’t help myself, although it was one of my most conservative trips in the shopping department. You may have seen some of my most recent items on latest blog posts though!

2018-12-31 15:40:32.532.JPG

Self care… Always

The Village is rustic, but my hands and legs sure as hell won’t be. And although I’m all about a little spa retreat, I definitely won’t recommend spending all your savings on your routine beauty treatments. So I found this adorable little spot called METAMORPHOSE - the owner and aesthetician Laura is so sweet, professional and great at what she does. I got waxed and manicured there to make sure I was all ready and groomed upon my LA return.