Your Face: Instagrammable All Day, Everyday…


It’s no secret… As a host, an essential part of the job is looking somewhat together… At all times. PROBLEM: my pajama-wearing self struggles with the constant polished look that is required on camera. Real Life Diana is pretty much an all-round mess rocking an ‘I don’t give a fuck’ bun, little to no makeup and a chronic under-eye situation - due to my inability to switch off and NOT WORK. My collaboration with Glow Skincare LA was eye-opening and the reason behind the phony, Camera-Ready and Instagrammable version of myself. Whether I’m tired, overworked, jet-lagged, slightly hungover or simply unmotivated, Cold Rolling (or Ice Rolling) has been a game changer.


Why I’m All About it…

I use my Glow Skincare Cold Roller every single morning. Mainly because it’s quick, easy and feels refreshing. It de-puffs my eyes and makes me look more awake within minutes. If a morning routine cannot be beneficial to a 5AM shoot, my impatient-self will not stand for it. Also, if I can get any food I want delivered in under an hour and the most random of items shipped to my door overnight, there is no way I will settle for a month wait to determine whether or not, a beauty tool will works its ‘magic’.

The benefits of cold rolling (or ice rolling) are long AND short term (aka everything I want in a beauty product). The roller itself is made of stainless steel, and will put your Jade rollers to shame. It stays cold for longer and doesn’t hold bacteria. I’m a cut-throat customer when it comes to my face, so you better believe I wasn’t going to recommend a product with faults.

The cold effect will constrict the skin - reducing the appearance of redness, pores, and blood vessels. It is also known to reduce inflammation for those of you dealing with acne and spots. So MEN, don’t be shy… You can use it post-shaving as well. No shame here.

The main selling point for me is the de-puffing effect, and simultaneous lymphatic massage of the face. In all, I cannot think of a reason why not to own a cold roller. It isn’t funky, doesn’t contain a bunch of chemicals or involve a time-consuming and complicated process. It has saved me countless times on and off camera, and is the reason I am constantly asked about my skincare secrets by my peers and listeners.

You can find out more about Glow Skincare Cold Rollers on my podcast episode with Glow Skincare founder Kasey Boone, along with a bunch of other beauty secrets!


Glow Skincare Cold Roller