Nope… This Isn’t Pot!


Let’s get this situation straight: this product will not get you high, and it isn’t ‘weed’. Sorry to disappoint those phased by my faux-rebellious tendencies. Although my psycho-self could really use some form of relaxant nowadays…

So let’s talk about it... Because if I’m honest, whether it’s weed or any substance with a negative connotation, I’m one to JUDGE… Hard. I am not, nor have I ever been a weed smoker myself. When something as little as a can of coke turns me into the most hyperactive creature to walk the face of the earth, I owe it to myself (and every human around me) to be careful with the substances I decide to put in my body. So you can imagine my skepticism when asked to test Not Pot CBD gummies. But I am also shallow enough to judge a book by its cover. And the cover in question was aesthetically pleasing as fuck, with a design created by the same Parisian designer behind Glossier. As the packaging suggests, Not Pot aims to de-stigmatise hemp and the culture surrounding it. I was almost sold. But after reading all about it, here’s what pushed me to actually give it a go:

  • Not Pot gummies contain organic hemp-deprived CBD.

  • They do not include marijuana (rich in THC) - AKA will NOT get you high.

  • THC is psychoactive, while CBD IS NOT.

  • On the contrary… These gummy bears are designed for daily consumption. This is all backed by Israeli scientific research with some of the most prominent and published medical / scientific communities at the forefront of medical cannabis research.

  • They are filled with 10 milligrams of full-spectrum hemp extract, which are sourced from organic American Hemp farms in Oregon and Colorado.

  • They taste FABULOUS as they include all natural flavors such as apple and strawberry.

The industry is currently unregulated with exaggerated claims, inconsistent dosing and questionable ingredients. However, Not Pot made it their mission to earn their consumer's trust with in-depth research for a safe and effective formula that works and can be used daily.

To keep it 100%, I did not feel any immediate effect besides the taste, leaving me wanting to eat 20 more. As a sensitive person to any substance, food or drink, I did notice that my sleep had improved after a couple days, and an overall feeling of relaxation in the evenings (as opposed my daily meltdowns & requestioning of my life purpose before the next day). I would personally describe Not Pot as ‘feel-good’ candy eliminating bad vibes whilst allowing you to feel like your normal (but ghandi-er) self. So to spare you a long-ass scientific post, here's a quick list of benefits:

Not Pot 1.jpg


Reduce stress & Anxiety

Relieve pain

0 bad vibes

no animal-derived ingredients

free of artifical sweetners

Not Pot 3.jpg

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