Things You Must Watch on Netflix to Kick Off 2019

Netflix Shows.jpg

Because my Netflix obsession wasn’t detrimental to my productivity enough, these new releases have turned me into the most procrastinating 2K19 version of myself… No shame here… I could list the obvious ‘Stranger Things’ and what not, but since we all know I live for the plot twists, this had to be curated the right way. Get ready for the good, the scary, the dramatic and the twisted - you’re welcome.

  • Bird Box:

This movie got some serious hype on the internet; the memes and reactions surrounding it may even be more entertaining than the film itself. It is a ‘scarier one’, which I typically would hate. But the apocalyptic nightmare confirms an important message I personally wish had come across sooner in life: when someone knocks on your door, do not necessarily open it. I never do - LOL.

  • Insatiable:

If the category ever existed, ‘Insatiable’ would win the Nobel Prize for most fucked up plot. This satirical high-school drama highlights important societal issues, notably common myths surrounding the female body in beauty pageantry. It may appear as your typical ‘teen’ show, but don’t be fooled by the first episode or two. The story takes the most unexpected turns I have seen on TV. To find out more about the series, listen to my interview with Michael Provost (Brick Armstrong) HERE.

  • Westside:

What’s to be expected from a bunch of egos grouped into a room to create a live performance? Chaos (if you ask me). But also, some of the best raw TV moments mixed with produced musical numbers executed in a Glee-like manner. One of Netflix’s first dab into the world of unscripted television tells the story of struggling solo artists in Hollywood; an honest look into their hardships’ from a professional and emotional standpoint. Austin Kolbe shared behind-the-scenes details and his personal experience as cast member HERE.

  • The American Meme:

This documentary follows the lives of some of today’s most influential social media personalities. And who doesn’t love a good celebrity stalking? The American Meme dives deep into the evolution and conflicts of internet fame; the many different avenues leading to it. It is just as informative as it is fun to watch. One of the biggest takeaways: questioning value in the future of social media and the longevity of a career as a content creator… Instagrammers: get ready for a complete metldown…

  • You:

Ticks all of my boxes: the opposite of your typical love story and the most TWISTED of plots. As a firm believer that ignorance is bliss, ‘You’ will make you rethink everything you have felt comfortable sharing online until this point. Joe’s addictive internet stalking invokes the often-ignored dangers of naive social media posting and the access granted into our personal lives.

Discussions coming soon on the podcast if you’re not yet convinced!