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Shortcomings Podcast Elle Woods

#49 – Shortcomings & Bringing Elle Woods Back – Brittany Ross & Natalie Lander

In the capital of pretend perfection, Brittany Ross and Natalie Lander from the Shortcomings Podcast are here to remind you it is OKAY to fall short. The two actresses / hosts join me to discuss their biggest life fails. The conversation moves on to Legally Blonde making a comeback and the latest Vanderpump Rules engagement! […]

#42 – Last But Not Least – #Reality

The season finale of Vanderpump Rules has me reminiscing back to high school graduation days. Lisa is totally a proud mom sending her kids off to college, except they aren’t kids, they are over 30, and most definitely not going anywhere before the new season begins.  Hence why, I’m not stressing about Jax Taylor “quitting,” although I do appreciate it for dramatic effect. […]


#35 – Nobody Cares… Bus Us – Fashionlaine

Diana & Lainey are back for another crazy celeb-stalking adventure. Recorded in the car on the way back from a Target X Hunter music event, the two have a meltdown over Charlie Puth’s questionable fashion choices and douchey ‘between songs’ skills. The story doesn’t end there, as the professional fangirls have a painfully AWKWARD encounter with Teddi Mellencamp, get denied a photo with Hailee Steinfeld and fall madly in […]